Norway Cycling Trip

Norwegian fjords are known worldwide for organized cruise trips, caravan trips and trekking routes. The landscape that results from the water inlets to the land, the steep mountains and the waterfalls create a unique setting. Let’s now discover it by bicycle, why not?

cycling trip norway
Oslo central station

Oslo Central Station – The first thing to decide was where to go once in the city, my first options where head to the west direction Berger or Flam. For my surprise train tickets were fully booked, so had to decide to take the train to the north. Lillehammer was the first destination to start riding.

norway fjords
Geiranger fjord

From Lillehammer the ride starts direction to Otta, I was carrying a lot of luggage with also a rainy day. The first day I realized to complete that 130 km. was not going to be easy. The roads are in good conditions with small traffic, the first 3 days with flat sections surrounded by lakes and the last part in the fjords, always breathing Nature. To reach the village of Geiranger and his fjord there a spectacular climb and descent at the end that had to take on heavy rain.

Geiranger waterfalls

From Geiranger you have to take the Ferry to Hellesylt, mountains, and waterfalls will be the next views for the rest of the trip as I was already in the core of the fjords.

norway cycling trip

After pass by the town of Skei there are a couple of tunnels prohibited fo cyclists. I had to take some buses to reach the final destination, that was very annoing as there is no other option. Norway has more than 900 tunnels, some very dangerous and long. I was heading to Laerdal where there is a tunnel of 24,4 km. 

road cycling in norway
mountain road Aurland to Laerdal

From Sognal to Laerdal I took the bus and a ferry, was easy to reach Laerdal this way. Laerdal is a quiet village at the end of the Sognal fjord, stunning views and peace there. Instead of taking the tunnel I was going to take the old road Laerdal – Flam. It was going to be tough as it goes from 0 to 1400 meters in 20 km. After that 10 km up and down rolling the top of the mountain for a final descent to Flam from the top. A difficult journey at the end but definitely worth it.   

Norway Fjords
Cycling in palma in norway
Flam fjord

The sunny weather made the arrival to the village of Flam just incredible and spectacular. Here you have a view of the fjord from the top. The place is fully booked in high season so better reserve in advance. 

norway cycling

The cycling part was over, so I just decided to watch the surroundings of Flam. The next day was time to take the train to Myrdal and ride after to Oslo on the way back. The route from Flam to Myrdal is amazing for mountain bike as the path ends on 21 hairpin bends as you can see in the pic. 

Flambanna cycling route
Flambanna – route Myrdal to Flam
TIPS : norgeskart APP for routes and for the weather conditions 

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