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Harald from Hamburg, Germany

Orient and Formentor Bike Tours

Testimony bike tour cycling in palma

Cycling in Palma turned out to be a perfect choice for me. I was looking for a local dealer in the area of Palma offering personal advice and the oppurtunity of coaching for beginners. Online booking was easily done, questions were answered quickly (pedals, helmet …).

Having just stepped into roadracing I was not sure whether it is a good idea to go cycling in the last two weeks of july. Fearing the heat and the mountains I went out on the roads at home twice or three times a week, starting in February. Meanwhile more e-mails were exchanged. The Plan: early morning rides, first ride guided by Roman. 

As said in the beginning, this turned out to be just right. The ride to Orient, which was done luckily on a partly cloudy day, enabled me to move on my own the following week: Roman worked out a plan for the first week which perfectly suited my riding skills. Staying in Esporles I left around 7 and 8 o’clock: Valldemossa, Soller, Galilea/Calvia. All ideal if you prefer roundtrips. On the second week of my stay I chose the Galilea/Calvia-Route as my favourite: small roads, less cars, moderate climbs, nice descends, enough shadow. The outstanding experiences: climbing Col de Soller at 7:30 am and 22 degree Celsius (3 Others cyclist and one driving-school-car!); cycling to Cap de Formentor with Roman testing my (more or less) grown cycling skills.

Cycling in Palma is great value for money. 

Wiberg from Sweden

Galilea and Orient Bike Tours

Bike tour with cycling in palma

“Galilea Bike Tour

This tour was excellent to start with for a “medium biker”. With a Soft start warm up in 20Km before the first convenient climb, not to step and not too long. Nice with a Coffee break after the first climb. After brake new down hill before next convenient climb and finally nice down hill. Very little biking in town, which was good. Great trip to start with if you not know your capability.

Orient Express Bike Tour

The tour I liked the most. Start with climb and heart rate at once but then softer biking in 15 Km before 4Km relatively tough climb in 4Km. Coffee break at a nice place. A little more climbing before a long downhill a bit demanding in the beginning and nice and soft biking rest of the tour. Unfortunately, we had some headwind.  With this tour a liked both the tough but human climbing and the long downhill through nice areas.


The first Lapierre bike was a racer very much like my own. One thing I recognise was that the bike was very stiff when cycling standing up.

The second bike was very comfortable. I felt that angles fit me very well, got more power from my legs. I will change some of the measurements I had on this bike to my own bike.

Guide on those two rides I had was very good, pick up from the hotel and very good standards on the two bikes. Guiding was very safe and the guide had a good overview of the traffic situation. Also, guide feeling about my capability was excellent.”

Niels from Switzerland

Cura Sanctuary Bike Tour

review cycling in palma“The Lapierre Sensium was very comfortable to ride, the brakes were very, very precise. The bike responded really well and the gears were just right for the climb to Cura Sanctuary.

We did an excellent Sunday morning ride of about 82 km around and up to the Cura Sanctuary with very little traffic on lovely country roads. Roman (the guide) did a great job of blocking the wind and knew the area very well.

The Gracia climb is a must for anyone who enjoys climbing. It’s not very long and it has lots of turns which make it interesting and technical. Highly recommended.”

Jordi and Ivan from Gerona

Galilea Bike Tour

rent a bike with cycling in palma“A formidable experience! The Galilea bike tour is perfectly adapted to what we were looking for as the guide advised us previously. Beautiful landscapes, with slopes of medium difficulty and always guided by Román, who knows the island perfectly and its best routes.

We rode Lapierre bicycles and I was surprised by their comfort, esthetic and the precision of the disc brakes. Looking forward to returning, doing more kilometres and discovering the magnificent island of Mallorca, a perfect destination for road cycling.”



Alma Ruiz, Illinois, USA

Esporlas Bike Tour

testimonies bike tour cycling in palma” What a ride!!! If you are up to an awesome, challenging and wonderful bike ride this is the price. Roman is so amazing and patient. You won’t regret it. I love it.

Thanks Roman, see you next time I visit Mallorca”

June 2018



Sylvia from Hamburg, Germany

Esporlas Bike Tour

testimony bike tour

“Die Tour ist sehr gut als Einstieg um Palma,die Umgebung und die Berge kennen zulernen. Roman ist ein sehr erfalererer und guten Tourguide. Ich hatte sehr viel Spass und freue mich auf’s nachste mal. Vielleicht wird es eine etwas sportlichere Tour.

Vielen Dank, Roman”

June 2018




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